For 10 years, I have inspired 3 millions readers and solo female travellers to follow their path and live their dreams, on the award-winning and leading French travel blog, Voyages et Vagabondages

Today, I write and create empowering stories and uplifting talks to inspire you to live and embody your Dharma, your soul’s purpose, your authentic truth and creation.

Lucie Aidart - Conferences, workshops and trainings about creativity, intuition, purpose and travel

Words, emotions, intuition are at the heart of my life and art.

I create and lead unique and inspiring conferences, workshops and trainings adapted to your institution, organisation, university, association or company.

As a speaker, I explore themes of creativity, intuitive and creative processes, writing, screenwriting and cinema through the lenses of intuitive exploration, authentic self-expression, freedom, fulfilment through creativity, self-confidence, as well as fears, doubts and creative blocks which may arise along the creative journey.

I also create talks based on my atypical path to address themes of self-confidence, the exploration and finding of our voices, purposes and paths, Dharma and authenticity, as well as our fears, comfort zones and (inner and outer) change, creative self-expression, our collective visions and dreams, to change and rewrite our world and stories.

Indeed, I grew up in the countryside in a working-class family in France, before studying politics at Science Po, moving into publishing and translation work in London, and finally leaving everything to travel around the world. I became a travel blogger and digital nomad for seven years, which led me to live and travel all around the world, before settling in Edinburgh, UK, at 34, going back to school to get a third Masters in screenwriting and become a writer, screenwriter, poet, speaker and spirituality and creativity coach. This allows me to take from my own story and path and create talks adapted to your events and needs.

Lucie Aidart - Speaker, writer and creativity coach
A conference about Pinterest – French Travel Blogging Conference – Brussels, Belgium, 2019

Upcoming conferences

Past conferences

  • Panel: Tourism and Sustainable Development | Social Travel Summit, Rimini, ITALY | September 2019
  • 10 years of blogging and solo travel | Les Passeurs d’Aventure, Toulouse, FRANCE | April 2019
  • Panel: International careers | Sciences Po Rennes, FRANCE | April 2019
  • Prepare for your year of study abroad | Sciences Po Rennes, FRANCE | April 2019
  • Pinterest for travel brands and influencers | Salon des Blogueurs de voyage, Millau, Brest, Lille et Bruxelles, FRANCE and BELGIUM | 2016-2017-2018-2019
  • Influencer Marketing with Skyscanner | World Travel Market, LONDON, UK | 2016

Workshops and trainings

Telling the story of my Round the World Trip to a class in Paris
  • L’Ancrage | An online group program | Spring-winter 2022
    including an intuitive journaling workshop, an intuitive dance workshop, Full Moon and New Moon rituals and practices, a money-mindset workshop
  • A series of online Masterclasses and workshops in English and French | 2022
    including the Masterclass ONE 🇫🇷🇬🇧
  • La Bulle. Liberate your creativity | A 7-week online group program | Autumn 2021
  • Intuition and intuitive mornings workshops | Le Ginkgo et du Papillon, ONLINE | January and February 2021
  • Workshops for students: Solo female travel, Travelling in SouthAmerica, Safety abroad | Sciences Po Rennes, FRANCE | 2019
  • Understand and harness the power of Pinterest | Province de Liège Tourisme, BELGIUM | 2019
    | Chapka Assurances, FRANCE | 2019
  • 15 months around the world | School in Saint-Denis, FRANCE | 2015
  • Studying at Sciences Po | High-school, Jonzac, FRANCE | 2008
A conference about Slow Travel in a library in Paris, France - Lucie Aidart - Voyages et Vagabondages
A conference about Slow Travel in a library in Paris