My masterclasses, conferences, workshops, transmissions and online classes centre on the themes of creativity, intuition, spirituality and Dharma.

All masterclasses and transmissions are first available as live offerings, and then as replays, so you will be able to watch and experience them at your own pace and on your own schedule or to be able to rewatch them whenever you feel like it (they are available for at least six months on the learning platform after the live experience).

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ONE - A transmission and Masterclass about ONEness to step into your own wholeness - Lucie on the Olympic site and podium of Sarajevo 84 Ski jump

ONE is the first transmission that I will do about ONEness, as an opposite to our own inner disconnection, as well as that we experience with the world, habitually living in an out of this disconnect throughout our lives. Quite a vast subject, but I want to start with you, at the beginning. With the first clue, the first step, within you, with the illusion of separation and disconnection that we create inside of us, by judging, by trying to understand and unpack everything, by rejecting, by repelling, by hiding…. our shadows, our voids, our illusions, our darkness, our shame, but also our light, our beauty, our soul.

If your intuition is calling you towards this masterclass, if your inner voice wants to join this experience, and even if (or especially if), your rational mind is judging you or this offering, join ONE, a transmission in French and English, the 11th of March at 11am UK (in English) and 7pm (Paris time in French). It will be available as live or replay if you are not available that day, for 1€11.

I won’t be giving any more details about the specifics of the Masterclass, because our mind, our ego, with its logic, reflections and judgements is one of the best tool for separation and disconnection. I can probably even bet you that it’s currently judging the fact that there are no more details. And yes, I do know, because I have the same one at home… So that’s your challenge, your initiating exercice, to come in and join, almost with no idea what the experience will be like, with curiosity and wonder. I promise to take care of you during the time we will spend together, as a Live or a replay.

ONE, it’s a first step towards wholeness and integrity in everything that you are. ONE, is living duality in all its facets for one day, feel and experience into ONEness.

This transmission ONE will be Live on Zoom (and available as a replay).

Maximum 2-hour class.
This masterclass will be held on Friday the 11th of March 2022 at 11am (UK) and 7pm (France métropolitaine)
. Replay of English and French versions will be available to all participants from the weekend after, if you speak both languages, you have access to both, with no judgements on your language skills. Language is also a wonderful to experience ONEness if you let it.

All Masterclass sales are definitive and non-refundable, except in the case of force majeure or cancellation from the coach Lucie Aidart. If you can’t make live, don’t worry, all masterclasses are available as replays for at least 6 months after the live experience.