Creating, being, loving and living from an artful, soulful and blissful place within ourselves and within the world.

I use to think there was no meaning to life, our actions, our creations beyond a small and limited present that would soon extinguish, until my contradictory, yet relentless, search for meaning brought me to a void, emptiness and my fiery will to find meaning and belonging in my world and my path. Through a burnout, years of travels around the world, exploration of different worlds and communities and through my writing, I found myself on a path of healing, discovery, transformation, becoming, creativity, intuition, spirituality and joy.

The creative and spiritual paths: vision and coaching - Lucie Aidart

Hello! My story towards creativity coaching

My name is Lucie Aidart. I’m a French bilingual writer, screenwriter, speaker and creativity and life purpose coach. 5 years ago, at the turn of my thirties, I found myself on the road, lost in my purpose, in deep burnout, on the verge of depression, grasping to find meaning and my place in this world. I had been a nomadic travel blogger for 7 years, living a life many would dream of, but slowly and surely falling into the traps of running away from my life, escaping in the land of dreams, nomadism and travel.

My body was slowly collapsing with chronic disease, exhaustion and overweight. I was lost, crying every day, not knowing what to do, where to land or who to turn to. My dream of living on the road and being a professional travel writer was unfolding every day, but I was fighting with the demons of my purpose, my ecological impact and the meaning behind it all. I finally stopped travelling and running to dig deep within myself and to heal the parts of me that were screaming to be let out, through therapy, coaching, creativity, writing and my intuition’s guidance. Under the layers of societal conditioning and past traumas, I let myself unravel, so I could finally become, align with my highest self and truth and slowly rebuild my identity from an anchored, open, peaceful and powerful place within me.

In the depth of the work, through these years of inner work and unravelling, I found strength, joy, an inner light, purpose, peace and belonging within myself, to bring out to the world. I stopped wandering around the world and settled in Edinburgh, UK, finding peace, anchor and joy in a sedentary life. I went back to university to get a third Masters, in screenwriting, a dream come true, as well as got certified as a spiritual life and life purpose coach at the Dharma Coaching Institute, finding, after several years of wandering and questioning, my artistic and writer’s voice and my Dharma, my life mission and my joy in exploring creative and intuitive processes, healing, writing and spiritual becoming.

Finding our path, our voice, our inner light, voice and power is always renewed and deepening. There is no destination, nowhere to arrive, but a path to explore, experience, live and embody fully in joy, in the present, in learning and in becoming. I’m also on this path, discovering, learning, experiencing, deepening, every instant, every day the creative process and the spiritual becoming and I hope we can enjoy some of this beautiful road together.

Coaching artist and creatives

Today, I coach creatives, artists and those in search for their inner truths, inner selves and life paths beyond what they have been told to believe, be and become, to encounter their inner voices, their life purposes, their creative voices and paths and their magical, artful, blissful and loving power. And in doing so, to ripple out within their communities, their worlds and the world, for a transformation from the inside out.

Lucie Aidart coaching artists and creatives to find their creative voices, paths and truths

In my coaching and guiding artists, entrepreneurs and creatives, in group workshops or individual programs, I use the Dharma Blueprint and archetypes (Dharma Coaching Institute), breathing and visualisation, inner voice and intuition work, somatic exercices and dancing, creative and art exercices, questions and reflections to guide you back to your inner truth, inner wisdom, inner light, inner voice and to let your creativity lead, unfold and find its place in your life.

For individual coaching programs, we create together the best path forward adapted to where you are in your life path and creative journey, where you want to go and what you want to create. Please contact me here to tell me a bit more about you, what you are looking for and let’s book a call to talk about your creative journey, blocks, joys, questions and challenges.

You can find here the group offerings and online Masterclasses available in English. If you are bilingual or have a strong command of the French language, I do have many more group offerings, masterclasses programs, content, books and conferences in French. For French speakers, it’s this way.

Testimonials of intuitive and creativity coaching

Coaching Testimonials - Lucie Aidart

“I had the most powerful and wonderful coaching session with Lucie today. She took me through a breathing exercise to connect to my intuition and ask it questions that were deep within me. Within minutes of relaxing and connecting to my breath, she led me through visualisation steps to ask my intuition what I needed to understand about my current situation. I had the most intense sensations behind my closed eyes and felt very emotional, but I also felt very safe with Lucie guiding me slowly and gently. I saw visions, colours and objects and myself doing things, all with my eye closed. It was the first time I have really allowed myself to connect properly with my intuition and I can’t wait to try it with Lucie again. She has a very reassuring but gentle approach and offered great insight throughout the session. Thank you Lucie!”

Nadia, painter and coach, Guernsey, UK

“Lucie was wonderful in helping me clear my vision for my career path in a safe and supportive environment. Her presence is so comforting, yet her insight is really perceptive. An amazing combo for a Dharma coach!”

Viv, screenwriter and director, Estonia

“Lucie run a couple of sessions for me that enabled me to reconnect with my inner voice, my intuition. I found them very helpful and interesting. And really surprising too, as I realized I am pretty well connected with my intuition, but my head gets in the way too much.
During our sessions, Lucie was really good at pointing out moments when it was my head, not my inner voice (from my guts) talking.
Lucie is a lovely, wise, empathetic and extremely creative person with a strong intuition about other people and the world. I am really happy our paths crossed, as I found our chats very supportive and inspirational.”

Olga, coach and facilitator, Poland